Hao Shen

 Ph.D student

 Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer   Science

 Syracuse University

Address: Apt128, 121 Lafayette Road
  Syracuse, NY, 13205
Office: Science&Technology Center 4-226, Syracuse University
Email: shenhao.ee.seu (at) gmail (.) com


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Research & Projects

My advisor is Professor Qiuru Qiu . Generally speaking, my research topic is to apply human intelligence into power and thermal management of computer and embedded systems(smartphone).

Context-aware smartphone (Android) low power design (ongoing)

Monitor different users’ usage statistics (e.g., usage of CPU, WiFi, cellular, LCD and etc.) and take     advantage of different components’ lower power mode (e.g., CPU frequency scaling, low power state of cellular interface and etc.) to save phone power while maintaining performance.

Machine learning power, thermal and performance management of CPU and hard disk

Use machine learning algorithm to dynamically change the voltage/frequency of CPU or spin on & off hard disk considering power, thermal and performance constraints simultaneously.

FPGA-based distributed computing system with power and thermal management capabilities                         

Create distributed computing and communication environment using multiple FPGA boards and equip all the CPUs with frequency scaling and temperature monitoring capabilities.


IBM Research at Austin, TX, May 2012 ~ October 2012

PowerKVM: Assign different working frequency and voltage to different virtual machine running on the same processor (Power7+) based on its utilization and user-given power management policy. Work mainly involves modifying Linux kernel virtual machine, completely fair scheduler(CFS) and Power Architecture CPUfreq driver codes.


Courses & Teaching

Courses Taken: Cloud Computing and Data Center, Power-Aware Computing, Software Engineering Studio , FPGA Circuits and Applications, Fundamentals of Research, System On A Chip Design, Digital Signal Processing , Master's Project, Operating Systems, Mathematical Methods in COE, Cad For High-level Synthesis, Analog Circuit Design, Computer Design, Digital System Design II, Cmos Vlsi Circuits & Architecture

Teaching Assistant: Computer Architecture, Digital Logic Design, Electrical Circuits, Semiconductor Devices (all undergraduate level)



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