Working Papers

Libertarian Welfare Rights?
Wilderness, the Wild, and Aesthetic Appreciation
The Evolution of Wealth; Democracy or Revolution?

Realism and Idealism in International Affairs

Hope and the Virtue of Creative Resolve

The Human Right to Health and the Minimally Good Life

Coercion Beyond Borders

Coercion, Legitimacy, and Justice: A Defense of Coercion Accounts of Justice’s Grounds

Fair Trade Under Fire

Global Health and Global Justice

Aid and Future Generations

From Free Trade to Fair Trade

Universal Health Coverage Post-2015: Measuring Global Health Impact

The Global Health Impact Index

Beyond Measure? Reflections on the Value of Life

Poverty Measurement and the Value of Human Life

Effectiveness Analysis for Global Health

The Case for Consuming Global Health Impact Certified Goods

A Brief for Pluralism: Non-Voluntary Relations and Global Justice

Global Health and Ethical Consumerism

Utopianism in Ideal Theory and Practice

Data on Women in Philosophy

Hope and Human Rights

Falling from Grace

Is Reproduction Permissible or Required?

Measuring Tuberculosis Medicines' Global Health Impact

The Human Right to Health

The Minimally Good Life