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History from Below in the Ottoman Empire and the Modern Middle East: An Archive

This website is designed as a clearinghouse for information about history from below, in the widest sense, during the eras of the late Ottoman Empire and the modern Middle East. It includes materials about workers, worker activism, history from below, and popular history.

This site aims to build up a web-archive of rare, scattered and difficult to obtain primary sources relating to history from below. The goal is to build research capacity and illustrate research possibilities for students and academics in the field, while offering to the wider public an unusual glimpse of the usually forgotten pasts of ordinary people in the region.

Visitors to the site are free to download materials they find here, we ask only for proper attribution. Please use the navigation at the bottom of the page to browse the file library.

And, we welcome additions that visitors might care to make. If you have documents or photographs that you wish to share with the larger community, you can forward them to us and we will arrange for their addition to the site, with proper credits.

If demand calls for it, we will expand the site to include photographs, maps, and podcasts.

Please write to Donald Quataert, Binghamton University, SUNY, dquataer@binghamton.edu regarding the Ottoman Empire. For the modern Middle East, write to John Chalcraft, London School of Economics and Political Science, J.T.Chalcraft@lse.ac.uk.

A joint project of Binghamton University, SUNY, and the London School of Economics and Politics

Porters Late 19th Century Silkreeling Workers, 1892

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